TMH Smart Systems opened machine vision laboratory

The machine vision laboratory was opened by a delegation from Transmashholding headed by Deputy General Director for Technical Development Mikhail Rozhkov, as well as by the management of AVP Technology and Transtelesoft.

Colleagues were told how TMH Smart Systems produce digital solutions based on machine vision and artificial intelligence, which allow locomotives to be remotely controlled with minimal human involvement.

In the laboratory, the guests were presented with innovative products to improve the safety of traffic, production processes and the work of personnel. For example, the CTRL@VISION 100 that prevents collisions of rolling stock with various objects, the CTRL@VISION WE designed to solve the problem of limited visibility when cars move in reverse, and the CTRL@VISION BOARD passenger boarding / disembarking control system.

The guests were especially interested in the shunting locomotive remote control system using a portable remote control. It is capable of controlling one or more shunting locomotives at a distance of up to 1000 m via radio. This system can be used in combination with an obstacle detection system, which performs safety functions for remote locomotive control.

Contacts for Mass Media
Natalia Kononenko
Head of PR & Communications

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