Automatic train protection

The system is dedicated to prevent accidents and crashes on mainline and industrial rail transport, as well as to improve traffic efficiency. CTRL@SAFE is designed for application on both locomotives and multi-unit rolling stock.
System developer: Transtelesoft

CTRL@SAFE overview

Brief description

The system continuously monitors the speed and independently applies auto-stop braking when the permissible speed is exceeded or unauthorized system shutdown. CTRL@SAFE provides non-stop movement of locomotives when passing the boundaries of railways sections equipped with various types of interval traffic control systems.


Competitive advantages

  • Touch control interface
  • Built-in diagnostics of the ALSN receiving path
  • HMI decoding with the ability to analyze signals from track circuits
  • Cards converter with the ability to convert other systems’ cards
  • Trip data backing up

Customer benefits

  • Exclusion of unauthorized motion of traffic lights with a prohibiting signal
  • Elimination of unauthorized movement of the locomotive (rolling)
  • Monitoring the driver's vigilance
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