Automatic train operation

An integrated solution designed to automate most of the shunting movement processes at large stations, allowing to control a locomotive in different modes - from remote to completely unmanned - while maintaining a high level of safety.

CTRL@TRAFFIC 200 overview

Brief description

The solution represents bundled and fully integrated existing products – Automatic driving system CTRL@DRIVE, Machine vision CTRL@VISION and Automatic train protection systems CTRL@SAFE - all in one turnkey approach.

All key elements of the system are made in Russia.

Competitive advantages

  • Adaptation to any type of shunting and shunting-freight locomotives
  • Minimization of operating personnel
  • Wider functionality at a lower cost of the solution (compared to competitors)

Customer benefits

  • Reducing human error to zero
  • Significant optimization of operating personnel
  • Safety level - SIL4
  • Up to 10% reduction of fuel and energy consumption rate
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