Driverless Metro

CTRL@TRAFFIC is a fully integrated metro solution composed by a blend of TMH Smart Systems products and proven technologies for organization of unmanned trains operation in metros. System adapts technological process to the train traffic situation, passenger dynamics on the stations and arising emergency situations.


Brief description

An integrated solution is built of stationary and on-board automation systems, control, diagnostics and monitoring products, systems for organization and planning of train movements - all this makes it possible to implement and maintain technological processes for organizing and controlling train traffic in automated and automatic modes. One of the main technologies used for unmanned metro movement is the CTRL@VISION machine vision system, which monitors the location of obstacles on the track and platform area.

Competitive advantages

  • 100% Russian development
  • Full compatibility with wayside infrastructure and rolling stock
  • Predictive diagnostics of rolling stock
  • Applicable on lines of various configurations and lengths
  • Built-in planning and operational analysis tools

Effects of system introduction

  • Elimination of human errors
  • Up to 15% of energy savings
  • Guaranteed fulfillment of a train schedule
  • Reduced rolling stock downtime
  • Improvement of operating personnel working conditions

Our clients

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