Automatic driving system

An intelligent system that allows driver to control traction and all types of train braking, taking into account the plan and profile of the track, speed limits and timetable. The technology is aimed at improving the energy-saving parameters of the movement of mainline and industrial rail transport, as well as safety.
System developer: AVPT

CTRL@DRIVE overview

Brief description

On-board equipment is installed on the locomotive and includes a color graphic display, where driver can see engine parameters, speed, coordinates, track profile, locomotive traffic lights, current and next speed limits, nearest track objects and stations, information on performed schedule , etc. The system allows driver to implement various motion modes - according to the schedule, station-to-station driving time, advisor mode, “virtual coupling” mode (CTRL@CONNECT)

Competitive advantages

  • One person locomotive operation
  • Automatic traction and braking control, incl. recuperative braking
  • Self-diagnostics functions

Customer benefits

  • Up to 8% reduction of fuel and energy consumption rate
  • Up to 1 minute accuracy in traffic schedule compliance
  • Compliance with the normal operating conditions of rolling stock
  • Improving traffic safety

Our clients

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