System "Virtual Coupling"

An intelligent system that allows operator to control several freight trains by radio channel in a fully automated mode. The technology is widely used on the Eastern part of Russian Railways and it helps to increase the throughput of the existing network.
System developer: AVPT


Brief description

Operation of CTRL@CONNECT is based on the automated train driving system with distributed traction, which is installed on the “head” and “slave” locomotives. Due to the continuous data exchange between the locomotives, system provides the most energy-optimal mode for train motion, taking into account the track profile and traffic safety. The distance between the locomotives selected by the system is determined in each specific case based on a variety of characteristics - speed, mass, track characteristics and other parameters that affect the length of the braking distance.


Competitive advantages

  • Up to 5 trains in autopilot mode
  • Up to 8 km- the range of reliable data exchange over radio channel between locomotives
  • Transmission of telemetry data to information systems of Russian Railways

Customer benefits

  • Improving traffic safety
  • Up to 15% growth of rail network traffic capacity on the existing infrastructure
  • 7 minutes - possible headway between freight trains
  • Up to 20% reduction of locomotives fleet turnover

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