TMH Smart Systems is for those who are not afraid of pursuing big and ambitious ideas, ready to work for result and never stop looking for ways to achieve their goals. For those who want to find their own team that will appreciate and support his professional and personal qualities.
Natalia Titova
HR Director

Career in "TMH Smart Systems" group of companies

Experience that works

Our company employs both experienced employees and those who are ready to grow with us. The combination of experience and innovative ideas to address challenges complement each other and give a synergistic effect for further development within both the company and the industry as a whole.

The company has developed a model of professional competencies. By evaluating knowledge, we develop a culture of innovation, find bright minds within the company and build plans to support your need to succeed. Our employees get additional opportunities for professional growth.

Workplace certification

In accordance with part 6 of Article 15 of the Federal Law of December 28, 2013 No. No. 426-FZ "On a special assessment of working conditions", we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the summary data on the results of a special assessment of working conditions in terms of establishing classes (subclasses) of working conditions at workplaces.

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