Wireless point control system

The system is designed to automate the control of manual switches in shunting areas, locomotive depots, and non-interlocked areas of mainline and industrial railway stations.

CTRL@POINT overview

Brief description

The solution featuring the ability to switch the point from a portable tablet via radio channel, or locally using a key located on the track box. The driver can move the switch and control its position directly from the locomotive's cabin, without wasting time going down the track and moving each switch manually. Once in the end position, the point is locked to prevent accidental movement.

The system provides wayside radio receiver for control and monitoring of point machine.

We offer system in two modifications- for traditional console-type point machine (e.g. SP-6M), which is complemented by a standard track box with CTRL@POINT control equipment, and as an embedded solution - a sleeper-integrated point machine with built-in CTRL@POINT control equipment.


Competitive advantages

  • One-click point operation
  • Point position monitoring
  • Point area occupancy control to prevent point switching under the train
  • Less time needed to switch the point for point and preparing the route - up to 30 minutes per route
  • Operating temperature range -60 to +65 ºС
  • Information exchange channel between equipment in the range 868.7 - 869.2 MHz

Customer benefits

  • Possibility to drive a locomotive without an assistant
  • Up to 20% - reduction of wayside equipment amount
  • Prevention of damage of switch machine inner elements in case of point splitting
  • Collection and transmission of additional diagnostic data and parameters of point machine
  • Up to 20% reduction in operating costs
  • Human errors prevention
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