LocoTech-Signal to Supply the CTRL@LOCK 200 to Uzbekistan in Partnership with Belam-Riga

Together with Belam-Riga, LocoTech-Signal will supply the CTRL@LOCK 200 computer-based interlocking system for the Zavodskaya station of the Shurtan Gas Chemical Complex (the Republic of Uzbekistan): 11 switches and 15 shunting signals.

The CTRL@LOCK 200 system is expected to be put into operation by the end of 2020. The CTRL@LOCK 200 is intended for automating train traffic control and management processes at railway stations and mainline while increasing train safety and the level of integration with other automated systems and interlocking devices in industry areas. Implementing the microprocessor-based interlocking system at the Zavodskaya station will reduce shunting time, increase the volume of cargo sent throughout the system lifetime, cut the costs of maintaining the rolling stock, and fully eliminate the possibility of emergency situations.

“Upgrading with such modern traffic control systems as the CTRL@LOCK 200 is a big step toward the digital transformation of railways,” said Arthur Keyan, Sales Director at LocoTech-Signal.

LocoTech-Signal is a technology company designing digital train traffic control systems for city, industrial, and mainline railway transport. It develops solutions for increasing train safety, traffic capacity, and railway automation levels.

The Shurtan GCC was commissioned in 2001. It can annually process up to 4 billion m3 of feedstock gas and produce up to 3.5 billion m3 of methane, more than 125 thousand tons of polyethylene granules, 100 thousand tons of liquefied gas, 100 thousand tons of gas condensate, about 1.5 thousand tons of granulated sulfur, and more than 2.5 thousand tons of finished pipes and fittings. Its products are supplied to Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Turkey, China, Poland, Italy, and other countries.

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