LocoTech-Signal changes its name to TMH Smart Systems

The LocoTech-Signal group of companies, which develops and implements innovative solutions for rail traffic control in Russia and the CIS, has changed its name to TMH Smart Systems. 

The decision for rebranding was the result of a significant transformation of the company's business, as well as the active integration of its business processes into the system of Transmashholding, a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of rolling stock for railway and urban rail transport.

LocoTech-Signal was founded in 2017 with the aim of creating and developing a new direction within TMH - the development of infrastructure systems for traffic control. 

“Strategic partnership with TMH Smart Systems is a backlog for ensuring the technological leadership of the holding in the long term,” TMH says. - The company has excellent experience in the field of software development, implementation of machine vision, and is able to offer modern solutions for infrastructure management. Integration of TMH Smart Systems solutions with TMH rolling stock is an opportunity to offer customers comprehensive solutions, ensure safety, increase capacity and energy efficiency of railway transport.”

Among the most popular products that the company offers to customers are obstacle detection systems, remote control systems for rolling stock, automatic driving systems, virtual coupling, and the on-board safety system. Many of the listed integrated solutions are being developed jointly with technology partners - AVP Technology and Transtelesoft.

"TMH Smart Systems" plans in the next 5 years to create a comprehensive solution for the diagnostics of rolling stock, a system that integrates the functions of automatic driving and machine vision, as well as to implement projects related to unmanned traffic.

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