TMH Smart Systems took part in the All-over-IP forum

TMH Smart Systems took part in the All-over-IP forum, which began its work as part of a 4-week program full of thematic conferences in the field of IoT, artificial intelligence, machine vision, integrated security systems, IP networks, cloud technologies, digital cities and enterprices.

Pavel Mashchenko, Deputy General Director for Sales of Machine Vision, spoke in the section "Edge AI + Vision: a new era of intelligent video surveillance. Neural networks and intelligent video surveillance for business and security" with a report on "The use of machine vision systems on TMH rolling stock".

Pavel shared with the audience the cases of implementing an obstacle detection system based on machine vision for the TEM23 diesel locomotive, a passenger boarding and disembarking control system on the Ivolga train, and also spoke about the traffic blocking system for the rail motor car.

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