LocoTech-Signal and ЕСМ S.p.A. Open a New Research Laboratory

A joined research laboratory of LocoTech-Signal and ECM S.p.A (a subsidiary of Progress Rail) was opened in Moscow. The laboratory is part of LocoTech-Signal’s strategy of adapting the HMR-9 computer-based system interlocking developed by ECM S.p.A (Italy) to the 1520 mm gauge. The company is planning to offer customers a modern CTRL@LOCK 400 interlocking system based on HMR-9 for train traffic management projects.

The new research facility will focus on testing the HMR-9 hardware and software together with the wayside devices used in the CIS countries, adaptation of the system to the requirements of standards, customers, and further testing of the CTRL@LOCK 400.

For example, new laboratory will focus on implementation of the CTRL@LOCK 400 at the Mailytogay railway junction, the Kyzylorda signaling and communication station. LocoTech-Signal supplies the CTRL@LOCK 400 system under the Memorandum for Cooperation on the modernization of railway station interlocking systems in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The laboratory provides an opportunity to reproduce and investigate abnormal situations in device operations and conducting field tests with operating equipment. It will also be used to test interfaces on new types of devices and related systems, such as the CTRL@TRACK 100 computer-based track circuit system.

With modern standards and innovative technologies in mind, the laboratory is equipped with a stand for carrying out necessary tests according to the test program. It has server and network equipment, a central processor, object controllers (input/output, switch, and signal), power supply equipment, wayside simulators, and the CTRL@SCREEN automated workplace subsystem developed by LocoTech-Signal.

“LocoTech-Signal specialists’ accumulated experience in preparing interlocking systems to work in the ‘area 1520’ coupled with the openness of the HMR-9 platform software allows for the CTRL@LOCK 400 to be adapted in a short time. Customers will have the opportunity to choose the best configuration, from a fully centralized one to one as decentralized as possible, which is facilitated by the availability of equipment with an extended operating temperature range,” said Andrey Romanchikov, TMH Managing Director and the head of LocoTech-Signal.


LocoTech-Signal is a group of technology companies, part of Transmashholding, that develops and implements innovative solutions for train traffic management in Russia and the CIS countries. The company’s strategic priority is creating complex systems ensuring the development of driverless technologies as well as an efficient interaction between machines and the infrastructure. The group includes four companies: AVP Technology, LES, Transtelesoft, and RailNext.

ECM develops and manufactures modern HMR-9 microprocessor interlocking systems and locomotive security systems (including SCMT and SSC systems for Italian railways, wayside and onboard equipment ERTMS/ETCS Level 1). The company also manufactures power supply devices, LED traffic lights, axle counters, remote control and diagnostic devices, as well as other equipment for railways.

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